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REPORT: Penn State Prepared to Make Long-Term Financial Commitment to Micah Shrewsberry

As first reported by CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round Des Moines Practice Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The past few weeks as a Penn State basketball fan have been nothing short of exhilarating. We’ve gone from worrying about yet another missed opportunity to end a decade-plus NCAA Tournament drought to worrying about whether Penn State will do whatever is necessary to keep Micah Shrewsberry happy and in Happy Valley. Given how schools like Georgetown and Notre Dame have reportedly been in the mix for Shrews’ services, it sure was nice to see CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein report on Twitter that PSU is ready to make a serious commitment towards sustaining long-term basketball success, something which frankly, has never happened at PSU.

Obviously, nothing is guaranteed until we see an official press release from PSU Athletics (or Shrews himself tweets something out about how he’s staying), but given how the current Athletic Director Pat Kraft is an Indiana alum who wants to see PSU embrace basketball better, you’d be crazy not to think that something has been in the works behind the scenes and that it’s merely a matter of time before something official is announced. It’s certainly a refreshing sight, no matter which way you slice it.