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Mr. Inevitable: Bo Nickal Wins UFC Debut (4-freaking-0)

“That’s what we do!”

Like his previous amateur and professional fights prior, it was a quick night for Bo Nickal in the octagon as he once again won via 1st round finish. Nickal took down UFC veteran Jamie Pickett and submitted him within 3 minutes.

This was to be expected by Nickal, who was a heavy favorite going into the fight, but it’s still good to see him get the job done. There are very, very few MMA fighters who debut in the UFC on the main card of a pay-per-view event so regardless of the fact that Nickal has wrestled in front of similar-sized venues for wrestling, this was a big moment for him. To get the finish inside the first round is impressive, even if it took him a tad bit longer than expected to get the takedown.

Of course, the fight did not come without controversy. Right before Nickal took Pickett down, he threw a knee that many people — including Pickett’s manager — said was a low blow. Nickal completely denied the low blow, saying at his press conference after the fight he hit him inside the leg and that *had* he hit him in the groin, he would have relaxed because he’s not a cheater and not looking for a shortcut. Have a look for yourself:

My opinion if I’m being honest with myself and taking away my Nickal bias:

*taps mic*

This was clearly NOT a low blow. He hit his thigh. Very clear. That’s a knee to the thigh. Again, don’t mind the fact that I’d literally go to jail for Bo Nickal — just a sentence ago I stated my opinion is presented without bias — but that’s clean. Sorry, Jamie. Good luck with the appeal, but you’re just one more for the record book. One more in the win column.

And one more.


Mr. Inevitable.