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2023 Wrestling Big Ten Tourney: Penn State Opens Day 2 With the Lead

Penn State chases its first Big Ten Tourney title since 2019

Scott Pilutik, Black Shoe Diaries

Penn State is well on its way to its first Big Ten Championship since 2019. 8 of 14 teams have been eliminated from the title chase, and the Nittany Lions hold a 14.5-point lead over second place Iowa. Nebraska trails the Hawkeyes by 7 points.

via Penn State Wrestling Club

Streaming Links

In addition to the Penn State Wrestling Club’s awesome tourney-tracking site for all teams and wrestlers, please check out Bubba’s helpful tourney tracking site, which BSDWrestle has dubbed the BubbaPage, for every mat’s video & audio streaming links. Once there, click the Streaming tab at the bottom to see this tab, from which you can click the links (be sure you’re in the right row for the session you want to view or hear!)

Session 3, Sunday, March 5

  • 1 p.m.
  • BTN+
  • 3 Mats
  • Consolation Semifinals
  • 7th Place
  • 9th Place Mini-Brackets for Weights with 9 or more allocation spots (No Team Score kept for these bouts)

Session 3 Penn State Upcoming Matches

via BubbaPage

Session 4, Sunday, March 5

  • 4:30 p.m.
  • BTN Regular & BTN+
  • 3 Mats
  • Championship Finals
  • 3rd Place
  • 5th Place

Session 4 Finals Matchups

via BubbaPage