Penn State MLAX beats Princeton in the First Round of the NCAA

¡WHEW! That was a crazy game, but Penn State pulls through 13-12

At one point in the First Half Princeton led 7-1 and it looked like it was going to be a laugher for them. Their offense was just too fast for Penn State's defense, they were winning every ground ball, and dominating face-offs. It looked bleak.


In the beginning of the second quarter, the coaching staff switched from man-to-man into zone defense, effectively slowing the game down. This gave the offense a chance to get their bearings and finally start scoring. Princeton was completely confounded by these adjustments, and a new relaxed Penn State tightened things up, with the score being 9-6 at half time.

In the third quarter, Penn State's zone started to frustrate Princeton, and they started just whipping outside shots. Well, that didn't work because Penn State's goalie stood on his head saving everything they threw at him. Penn State held Princeton to zero goals in the quarter.

Meanwhile, the offense started to do their thing: Making crisp passes and picks, and moving well without the ball. That led to five unanswered goals. 11-9 after 3.

After PSU scored first in the 4th to make it 12-9, Princeton finally found a response to Penn State's adjustments. They started to push the game in transition (face offs, riding, and clearing). At first, very successful. They got Penn State to make some bad turnovers and then rushed down the field to score 3 goals in about 3 minutes.

Then, Kevin Winkoff scored one of the most beautiful goals of the playoffs so far. Far side corner from about 22 yards--BOOM! Right in the nook between the posts. A real thing of beauty.

After that, the defense came up with a big take away and ran out the clock. What a comeback! The team showed a lot of heart. Also gotta hand it to the coaches, as they made some big time in game assessments and adjustments.

Now it's on to play Army in the quarterfinals at Annapolis. Weird Army playing at Navy. In any case, Penn State is going to have to play well from the starting whistle against Army. They are also going to have to figure out a way to beat their goalie, who stuffed Maryland over and over last night.

As far as the rest of the B1G goes, three of the teams made it to the quarters. Only Maryland lost. Overall, the quarters have 3 ACC, Three B1G, Army, and Georgetown.


Michigan beat Cornell in the game of the tournament so far, and I hate to admit that I am starting to root for them a bit. They just play so hard and hustle for everything, it's hard not to like a team like that. Next week they play Duke, who had all they could handle against Delaware today. Honestly, I think Michigan can win that game.

I guess I should mention that JHU blew out Bryant today. Big whoop.

The Ivy League are the big losers of the tournament. Yale, Cornell, and Princeton all out in the first round.

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