Long Time Since My Last Football Game...

Graduated in '05....haven't been to a game at Beaver Stadium since 2015.Thinking of introducing a friend to PSU football (he went to Siena, so doesn't have a team). The night game against WVU seems like a good one. He is coming from NY, I am coming from DC. Some questions:

1) Can you take a larger SUV into an overnight/RV lot, put seats down, and sleep in it?

2) When we used to meet people there with multiple cars or an RV, those not taking their cars to the tailgate lots used to park at Damon's. Restrictions weren't enforced, so leaving the car there overnight wasn't a big deal. Is there a good spot to park a car overnight during a football weekend under the same circumstances?

Leaning toward renting a pop up camper, but if that fails...need a backup.

Anything else we should know?

We would both be heading out on Saturday, arriving midday.

Thanks in advance!

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