Reading Rambler - I found one post of his that struck me...

So I posted it to SpaceFace and it came up in my memories today... From 11 years ago. Sigh. I'm old.

One should accept losing as a distinct possibility, but never accept it as a permanent affair . We are imperfectible. We cannot achieve everything we desire, regardless of whether that which we desire is good or bad. Still, we are called to try our absolute best to be victorious. We accept that we'll lose the small battles now and then, learn from them, and use our acquired knowledge to win the war, if you will; that is, we will "inhabit our full humanity" and become a well-rounded, morally upright, honorable, and decent person.


He had his peccadilloes and peculiarities, but he had a turn a phrase and some pretty interesting thoughts.

Too bad he's gone full Iowa.

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