B1G Conference Expansion conversation V20

For years we've bantered on this site about possible B1G conference expansion and what schools it might involve.

The one "catch" though for every school being discussed is the unspoken but clearly followed rule that you have to be a member of the AAU (The Association of American Universities) if you want to play in the B1G.

With the blockbuster additions of USC and UCLA this point was hammered home yet again. Which meant that there were a number of schools out there that did not "qualify" as potential B1G members.

Well, last Wednesday that pool of possibilities increased when the AAU announced the addition of six new members.

They are:

  • Arizona State University;
  • George Washington University;
  • University of California, Riverside;
  • University of Miami;
  • University of Notre Dame; and
  • University of South Florida.

Here's the link to the press release:

As several commenters have noted in various threads there are some intriguing opportunities in this list. And as I posted elsewhere, Miami had been mentioned over the last few months by several sportswriters as being reviewed by the B1G. Without AAU status that was a waste of time. But now, this change moves them right into "definite possibility" status. (And if I'm the ACC I'm really worried)

For personal reasons I'm surprised USF and not UCF ended up in the AAU (or both for that matter).

And, as for ND, the more I dug into them over the years the more I thought they'll never join a conference. Their DNA requires uniqueness and a conference doesn't accomplish that. But joining AAU signifies a change for them where, well, who knows. Maybe the B1G is finally in the cards.

For reference, here is the complete list of AAU schools:
Listed by Logo in no particular order: Our Members | Association of American Universities (AAU)

(Apparently alphabetized lists are not a big thing at the AAU! Oh, and Maple can still hold onto the hope that the University of Toronto gets asked to join the B1G!)

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