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Only Tank Smith Until Penn State Football

Everyone’s favorite walk-on running back.

Rutgers v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

38 days away from the best time of the year (sorry Christmas), which means we turn our attention to backup running back Tank Smith. His real first name is actually Terry — presumably named after his uncle, current Penn State cornerbacks coach Terry Smith — but Tank is a more fitting name given his stocky build. At 5-foot-7, 222 pounds, Smith has one of the more unique builds on the team, and he utilizes his low center of gravity and lower body strength when running with the football.

Fun fact: Tank actually dropped a couple pounds this offseason. He was a robust 234 pounds last year, and I think that showed a bit when he got playing time. It seemed like he lacked that extra burst you’d want a running back to have. He now comes in at 222 pounds, which should give him an extra bit of quickness he lacked in 2022.

Just 38 days.