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Only Derek Bochna Until Penn State Football

35 days!

Nittany Lions Shrine

We’re hopping into the wayback machine for today’s portion of the countdown by honoring Derek Bochna, a defensive back who suited up for the Nittany Lions from 1990-93, and established himself as a reliable source for interceptions, with 12 of them in his career, including four in his senior campaign in 1993 (while also breaking up a bunch of passes, as well). He was also a pretty good open-field tackler who would turn potential huge gains for opponents into measly ones. Unfortunately, there’s no pictures of Derek in the photo archives that Vox/SB Nation allows us to legally use, but we do have a YouTube highlight reel of him above, that we can share.

We also have a pair of run-ons rocking the No. 35 jersey on the current roster in redshirt sophomore cornerback Jace Tutty and redshirt freshman long snapper Blaise Sokach-Minnick. Both kids hail from PA, with Jace being from Stroudsburg and Blaise from West Pittston. Jace earned the coaching staff’s Developmental Squad Player of the Week on Special Teams last season in the week leading up to the Indiana game.

Folks, we are exactly five weeks away from watching live Penn State football again. Get hyped!