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Only BranDon Snow Until Penn State Football

30. Freaking. Days.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Penn State v Florida State Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

We’re staying in the wayback machine to honor BranDon Snow, one of the last true fullbacks to suit up in a Penn State uniform. He did flirt with the linebacker position for a little bit, but ultimately came back to his roots and served his role well as a blocker who would occasionally carry the rock over the goal line, scoring three touchdowns in the 2005 revival season (much to a grade school-aged Patrick Koerbler’s delight, I’d assume). One of those TD’s can be seen in the video, above. Today, BranDon is a sales consultant for Nucar Auto Group in his native Delaware.

Currently, we have a pair of run-ons rocking the No. 30 jersey on the Penn State roster: Redshirt freshman running back Amiel Davis, who earned a Developmental Squad Offensive Player of the Week award last year, and redshirt freshman cornerback George Hlavac.

Only 30 days until Penn State takes on West Virginia!