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Three Things I Know I Know: West Virginia Edition

Just trying to go 33% on these, man.

Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Drew Allar (15) plays... Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The higher ups at SBNation love my track record with the Five Things I Know I Know season predictions, that they wanted me to start doing a weekly version. Week-by-week, I’ll be coming at ya with three (not five) bold predictions for Penn State’s upcoming contest.

1. Drew Allar Scores 2 Rushing Touchdowns

For very legitimate reasons, much of the focus of Penn State’s rushing attack has been on Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen. While I fully anticipate those guys to eat well this season, I think people are underestimating Drew Allar’s impact on the running game, especially when in tight to the goal line. At 6-foot-5, 242 pounds, Allar is one of the largest quarterbacks in the nation, something which should aid him when sneaking for a yard or two. Last season, we saw Penn State implement its straight-t formation to perfection, but I anticipate another wrinkle to that by using Allar similar to how the Philadelphia Eagles used Jalen Hurts via the “tush push.”

2. Hakeem Beamon Finishes With 2 TFLs And A Forced Fumble

Despite the ups and the downs that come along with it, I continue to lead the Hakeem Beamon Hype Train, and it appears my loyalty might finally be rewarded in a big way this season. After spending last season in the 265-pound range, Beamon enters 2023 with legitimate defensive tackle size at 290 pounds — a certified Beef Boy, if you will.

While I, like most people, think the added weight will help him become a more complete tackle, I think it also points to his mindset heading into this year. I’m not trying to say he wasn’t committed before, but this quote from James Franklin after the Michigan game last year always stood out to me.

Pretty good chance he was referring to the 265-pound starting defensive tackle, yeah? So yes, the added weight will help his play, but it also shows a shift in mindset which is almost just as important. Let’s (boldly) expect a small coming out party for Beamon against the Mountaineers.

3. Penn State Will Lead 14-0 Just 5 Minutes Into The Game

Big time homer prediction here, but I also predicted an 8-4 season from Penn State last year so let me enjoy the fact I love this team.

Bennett summarized my general feelings on the West Virginia game well, as I think it will be akin to the 2017 Pitt game. Fired up crowd, juiced up team, and a big start will come from that with Penn State putting it on West Virginia early.