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A Pleasant Saturday Afternoon

Hey, What Happened?

Beau Pribula #9 of the Penn State Nittany Lions celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Delaware Fightin Blue Hens during the second half at Beaver Stadium Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

There’s one reason, and one reason only, why FBS teams schedule foes from FCS. They do so because they want to have a pleasant saturday afternoon. They want the assurances of playing an opponent that cannot match their level of talent. They want the feeling of a scrimmage in a setting that counts as a game. They want, above it all, to know that the game’s outcome is likely decided before the game even starts. Great teams do it. Good teams do it too. Mediocre teams do it. In fact, even downright bad teams do it, because it’s one of the easiest ways to get your team experience without threatening the end result.*

For Penn State, it was no different. They scored on their first possession of the game, a 13-play, 60-yard drive that would take 5:50 off the clock. They would score on their next possession, this one a 9-play, 37-yard drive on a short field. They would score on their next two possessions, with a Blue Hen touchdown sandwiched in between, their only score of the game.

The Nittany Lions punted the ball twice in this game. The first one came after they’d scored 28 points, and the second one wouldn’t come until the game was well out of hand, with the Lions up 49 to 7.

Plenty of folks will say there’s nothing to be gained from playing a game like this. And, there might be a point to that. But nonetheless, the players saw this as an opportunity to hone some skills, log what amounts to a practice scrimmage that counts as a win, and put some more film for later study. Other than that, it was a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Stats and Storylines

84.6 - Drew Allar’s completion percentage for the game. Through two games, he’s completing 78.2 percent of his passes. That might help in the future.

315 - Rushing yards for the game. Yes, it’s delaware, but you still like to see that kind of performance on the ground.

RIGBY - For those of you who watched the show Silicon Valley, you’ll remember the RIGBY episode. When talking about this performance, feel free to use a new one: “Yes, it’s delaware, but you...” YIDBY.