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Turning Point: Penn State Shows Up, Delaware Collects The Paycheck

This game was headed towards the ‘W’ column long before kickoff

Delaware v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Normally for these Turning Point segments, I tend to point towards a particular moment or play(s) that swung momentum permanently towards Penn State or their opponent’s way. One of the few times I’m unable to do so is when PSU takes on an FCS program that you just know they will emerge victorious against, even if said FCS opponent is a little feisty at times.

Such was the case this past weekend, when Delaware showed up to collect their fat paycheck to get whooped in front of the largest crowd that any of their players will ever play in front of for the rest of their careers. Sure, the Blue Hens’ running back Marcus Yarns had that lovely touchdown run to cut an early 14-point deficit in half, but given how the Nittany Lions’ offense was doing pretty much whatever they pleased, the only difference it made was in how soon James Franklin would call off the dogs and play only the backups.

I hope both teams had fun and that Delaware spends the money on something that won’t rot their teeth or brain.