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2023 World Wrestling Championships Photo by Milos Miskov/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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BSD Mailbag 9.22.23

Our answers to your questions on this white out eve!

Would it be in poor taste for Penn. St. to win the coin toss, defer to the 2nd. half, kick and recover an onside kick, then score a touchdown?—LionfanAllen

Maybe! But that doesn’t mean I don’t think petty CJF shouldn’t do it. Let’s see him give Ferentz something real to complain about!

Yes or no, decent tailgating shirt for Saturday?


Hell yeah. I’m a big fan of a different tailgating shirt than game shirt, especially for night games; I’ll be wearing my “This is my tailgating shirt” from Raygun (back when they sold them in non-Hawkeye or Cyclone or KSU colors; mine is, naturally, dark blue with white text), before changing into white for the actual game.

Also, it’s funny and it will confuse folks who initially think you’re an Iowa fan since you’re wearing black and gold; I hope you would get approached by Hawkeye fans only for them to realize later on they’d gotten a little bit had.

The Iowa gambling issues (both Iowa and ISU) were found by the Iowa state commission on gaming and not the federal government, the NCAA or B1G. I suppose it is possible that other athletes in other states could be involved but perhaps there have not been resources or appetite for an investigation. It seems like it is only a matter of time before someone at another school gets implicated.

Have any thoughts on this?—LarzLion

I would be surprised if there never is another case that comes - but not shocked. The wrestlers in particular got such harsh punishments that Iowa likely will be even less competitive this upcoming season than they expected to be, and it’s not like the punished guys will get that eligibility back.

Not that I’m a fan of the NCAA; far from it, it’s a hypocritical organization that’s focused, much like our country on the whole, on ensuring that the elite stay elite and the proletariat knows their place (in line and under their thumb). But I feel like this is such an overt thing, and it’s not just an NCAA violation but potentially directly affecting the outcome of sporting events, that I can’t help but hope that this has proved a true deterrence.

Am I the only one not at this game because the B1G reshuffled this years schedule?—JayMPSU

I’m sure you’re not the only one. The original schedule had us with back to back weeks in the state of Illinois, playing at Northwestern this week, and that would’ve been pretty cool - the friends I’m traveling to Chicago with next weekend were planning on doing a double away game stretch in their RV, and those plans fell by the wayside when it was the Iowa game of all games sandwiched between the land of Lincoln.

My buddies and I have our 3rd annual RV gameday weekend this year and we are staying at the Grange this time (ORV lot year 1 and Auburn year 2). What is the best way to get to the stadium from the Grange? I see they have a shuttle but was told it doesn’t start until 3 hours before the game which we are hoping to head out well before then. There are 4 of us and we are thinking we are going to want to head toward the stadium early afternoon to walk around and hopefully meet some other tailgaters.—11nebackerU

Uber. Definitely, definitely uber.

Or Lyft.

Jay Paterno or Brian Ferentz: Who was more undeserving of their coaching position?—Paebr332

How has your impression of a fanbase changed due to the actions of their fans at a moment? We all recognize that the drunk idiot resides in every fanbase, I’m talking the majority of the fans at that moment.

2 examples:

Positive-Watching the Browns-Steelers Monday night and when Nick Chubb went down, he had 64 yds on 10 carries, and was warming up for a big game. Gruesome injury and as he was being carted off the field, the Steeler fanbase en masse started to chant his name. Very classy as the spectators recognized the severity of the injury. Not sure we would have seen that in Philly for a Cowboy injury or in the old Raider days if the Chiefs player was hurt.

Negative-when the majority of the Iowa stadium booed when our players got hurt, then their coach doubling down on his post game comments. He had a chance to tamper the story but just added fuel to the fire.—kingkub

The most marked change for me was Maryland fans. Before it announced that the Terps were joining the Big Ten, I actively rooted for them in all sporting events in which they were not playing Penn State! I had (and still have) many friends who are Maryland alums, and I liked rooting for them because I grew up in the state and it felt good to represent my home team.

But boy, that switch got flipped QUICK after the announcement; all of a sudden, the vitriol towards Penn State and Penn Staters was flying, and the visceral hatred came out. Philly fans have a bad rep, but they have nothing on Maryland fans.

There’s the urban legends about throwing batteries at Santa, but I’ve only observed one fan base by the thousands actively booing national treasure Julia Louis-Dreyfuss a short while after she was publicly diagnosed with cancer. A truly classless move that, beyond the little brother-like Penn State stuff, still sticks in my craw.

What is the more satisfying outcome? Football beating Iowa by 30 points or more. Wrestling beating Iowa by 60 points or more at the National tournament? Either way hawkeye tears taste great.—wvlion

Again, why not both?

Honestly, at this point I’d probably go with football - because the way the wrestling season is shaping up at this point, with 8 of ten wrestlers ranked preseason in the top three at their respective weight classes, beating them by 60 or more actually seems quite realistic.

Do you think that the 2023 National Championship wrestling team will be introduced during the game?—PascalsDog

I sure a heck hope so, but it likely depends on whether the coaching staff is back from Belgrade and the world championships.

DT and Zain just won gold at the world championships. Who’s the next Nittany Lion to win? Does Nolf find a way to get past Dake? Does Nick Lee continue to elevate his game? Does AB find a spot?—Succss With Honor Always

I honestly think that Taylor will pass the Baton to Brooks when he’s ready to retire, and there’ll be back to back dominant PSUers at 86kg internationally. The Magic Man’s not getting younger and I expect Aaron to be his training partner at the Olympics next year again; there won’t be a better prepared newcomer to the international stage.

So it could be AB, but honestly - Nick Lee has surpassed most expectations. He took the bronze in this year’s worlds, just a year after coming strong onto the scene. And I’d love nothing more than Dake to fall off and Nolf to rise up, though I’m honestly not holding my breath on that one.

Darkhorse for me? Kerkvliet. Kyle Snyder’s another one who’s not getting any younger, and there could be an intra-NLC transfer of power at 97kg as well.

Becoming more of a Josh Pate fan, as he has recognized Penn State’s talent and potential. In a recent podcast, he semi-posited there are no elite teams in college football this year - just a bunch of very good teams. (He grants that it’s early in the season, but opines no team has really stood out yet - aside from the much-ballyhooed Colorado squad.)

Discuss, peeps.—PSU_Lions_84

I think this makes a lot of sense, especially with how, well, pedestrian both Alabama and Clemson have looked so far this season.

It’s a long grind and anything can happen; think back to 2016, when PSU was about to be beaten down in Ann Arbor. At this point seven years ago, few expected the Nittany Lions to get to ten wins, let alone a Big Ten Championship game and Rose Bowl berth. Chaos happens when you’re least expecting it (which is why, I guess, it’s chaos).

Any insight into when the 2024 schedule will be finalized? Would really like to bring my daughter to a game next year, but live out of state so it takes a little planning. Its hard enough to do, especially booking a hotel room in SC for one of the “big” games, but not knowing the schedule beyond the first few games is making it almost impossible. I know the new additions upset things a bit, but seems a little ridiculous at this point that they can’t get it figured out.—CO Lion

It’s very late for us to not know; I was actually very, very excited about the 2024 season before, so I hope it doesn’t change too much.

It’s still a little early to book hotel rooms for next season; they typically don’t open up bookings until late October/early November for the following season. I definitely recommend calling the hotel you’d like to stay at and ask about getting on their bookings list so you’re one of the first who is offered any rooms not claimed by prior repeat visitors.

My GF surprised me by announcing that this Friday we are flying out to New Jersey (from SoCal) to attend a screening of one my favorite movies, Chasing Amy, plus a meet and greet with Director Kevin Smith. the event is Saturday night...same time as the game. Thus, I won’t be watching. Am I a bad Penn State fan?—Tmbgiants_3

I think back to six years before this Saturday to the day, when we played at Iowa and I was at a wedding; I recorded the game and stayed blissfully unaware of what was going on, until the reception was wrapping up and a coworker/friend texted me: “I think Iowa scored too fast and left too much time on the clock.”

The reception ended, and I took the elevator down towards my car. The hotel bar was on the way out, and they had the game on, muted - we got there just as the final timeout was called.

The friend I was with and I scared the rest of the bar patrons, we yelled so loud when Juwan shushed the crowd; we had to apologize profusely. “We’re Penn Staters,” we said, and they all nodded, knowingly.

Basically, how you fan is up to you, as is your relationship. At least you’re missing it for something fun, and something else you love.

How many positions is Micah Parsons capable of playing on a football team?

For reals, looking to see if Micah was on the field, I had to look at the front line & the the whole LB corp. He has the speed to play a corner & safety positions. In high school, he played RB. I think, with his speed, he could make a good TE or WR. So, my anwser would be all 11 def & 5 off positions.

(oh, and F Dallas)—EagleLionSly

He could definitely play DE, LB, and Safety on D; he’d make a good fullback, of course, and honestly he’s athletic enough that I’m sure a few intense weeks with the jugs machine and he’d be a serviceable TE. He played special teams as a new player at PSU, too, iirc; so basically, he could fit in wherever he’s needed.

Honestly, it might be close to any player but placekicker. And I wouldn’t even put kickoffs past him if he put his mind to mastering the technique.

In view of Deshaun Watson’s struggles in Cleveland and Alabama’s offense’s dreadful start to the 2023 season, should I be giving Bill O’Brien more credit?—ckmneon

Bill O’Brien always deserves more credit. I’ll forever be thankful to him.

Going to a Nats game this weekend and we were hoping to tailgate. Seeing now that tailgating is not allowed, but that they offer a place called The Bullpen. Anyone have any insights? Maybe some alternate places where we could tailgate?—CaptBombs

If you’re going with adults, the Bullpen is a lot of fun; they have rows of cornhole set up (at least they did the last time I was there) and live music. They host festivals when baseball isn’t in town, and it’s a super convenient location; while there are some other good bar/restaurants around Nats park, the Bullpen is the closest to a tailgate you’ll find in that area of DC.

If you ever go to Cap One for a hockey or basketball game, though, that’s a different story.

Apple released IOS17 yesterday, what features are they still missing that you wish they would include?—kingkub

Honestly, I didn’t even realize they released it. I’m very much not a techy so I guess something basic like letting me move the icons on my home screen so that they don’t have to be top left justified but rather can be anywhere on the screen.

Sometimes when your home screen background is Saquon hurdling Josey Jewell, you want to add apps or folders and still be able to see Barkley’s face. Speaking for a friend, of course.

Quick question for pretty much anyone:

So, I’ve been test driving Hulu and considering cutting the cord, but it seems to have a lot of signal hiccups. Is this the norm?—LocalYocal

I’m an old so I still have cable, but I did spend last weekend at my brother’s house and they have YouTube tv and it was pretty sweet. Watching four games at once is an amazing feature on a lazy Saturday evening after your team covers the spread!

I’ve never tried Hulu Live so I can’t speak to that, but live YouTube and Prime (for Thursday night games) has been pretty good. I also watch Nats games streaming on the MLB app when they’re not blacked out, and I don’t have much issue with lag on them. If you’re seeing lag (and others confirm it’s an issue) then that might be a Hulu-specific thing, which sort of really sucks.

Riddle me this Batman: For I’d say the last 25 years or so, my wife has almost exclusively been wearing beige or “nude” colored bras, with the logic being that being of northern and western European decent this color bra closely matches her skin color and thus is less likely to “show through” her clothes and stand out. Except when she wears black, in which case she will more often that not wear a black bra. When I’ve asked her her logic behind this she says that black just goes better with black, which I suppose is true, but it would seem to me her logic for all other situations (that a bra matching her skin tone is least likely to show through) still applies when she wears black. No?—MJBPSU

I typically will only wear a flesh-toned bra when I’m wearing white or another light color, where seeing through the shirt is a legitimate concern (and that’s also if I’m not wearing a tank top or camisole under it as well). I generally gravitate towards blue patterns, of course, because that’s just how I fan, most every day.

There are some darker shirts that have thinner material where a nude-colored (or white) bra definitely shows through, and looks almost shiny through the fabric in certain bright or focused lights. Wearing black (or a similar dark color) ensures that that weird discoloration doesn’t happen. Most shirts are thick enough that this isn’t a huge concern, but some soft cotton ts and blouses definitely would look weird in the chest area if you wear a flesh-colored bra, just because the fabric is stretched tighter generally in that area and thinner to begin with.

Please rank your five favorite breakfasts plus 5b, your least favorite breakfast.—Gerry Dincher

  1. Blueberry pancakes and a side of scrapple
  2. Eggs benedict but fancy, like with spinach or poached crab meat instead of canadian bacon. But definitely including the hollandaise
  3. skillet meal with breakfast potatoes, poached eggs, onions, peppers, poached eggs, a chipotle or pesto cream sauce, and brisket or pork belly
  4. freshly made steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar and strawberries
  5. Any breakfast eaten while tailgating in the shadow of Beaver Stadium

5b. any breakfast baked good with cream cheese frosting and/or pineapple

So, we were blessed with a commenter who brashly goes by the username “professional tree counter” last week and I fear that they are not as professional as they might like to think because when I asked “how many trees are there?” they never replied!

So, Ms. Greene, can you show them who’s who and FINALLY let us know the answer to that burning question?—LocalYocal

3.04 trillion

While recovering from surgery, my wife is sleeping in another room with all the pets (it’s a long story). I’m in the bedroom, door closed, no pets. Two nights ago, I awoke in the middle of the night because the TV was on. I didn’t turn it on. At first, I thought maybe the remote control got tangled in the bedding, but after turning on the light, it was sitting undisturbed on the opposite night stand. I have / had not turned on that TV in over a year. It’s basically just a backup that never gets watched. My wife hasn’t watched this TV in months. Is there a perfectly rational explanation for this, because I’m a little rattled?

Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

Sincerely, Sleepless in Cedar City.—salmonmousse

I regret to inform you that the same thing happened to me a few months ago.

I was in my bedroom reading when all of a sudden I thought I heard my neighbors throwing a party, very late, and very unlike them. I went downstairs and found my living room TV on. I was alone in the house at the time, and had been upstairs for a few hours. The sounds had only started like fifteen minutes before I went downstairs.

Basically, technology always finds a way.

We are a family of five at this point - should we be buying travel insurance or some sort of flight guarantee when we buy plane tickets?—PSU1979dude

Honestly, the way things are going, if you’re spending the thousands it likely costs to travel as a family of five, it probably is a good investment. Even if only for the peace of mind that you’re covered, and you won’t be out the entirety of your vacation and your money should something happen.

Two part question: Are the OVH mascot commercials the nasty-funniest commercials out there right now? And what the heck is the deal with youth today, why aren’t there GIFs of these things??

Ps: If the broadcast commercials aren’t raunchy enough for you, go check out the longer (30 second videos) versions...–LocalYocal

I literally had never seen this commercial before you linked to it in the comments, and I would have been perfectly content had I continued to have never seen it.

I’ll probably never be able to log into my T-Mobile account again.

At the doctor’s office yesterday during a casual conversation, he reluctantly mentioned how he was a victim of identity fraud (who hasn’t?), but this cost him nearly a million dollars. The final piece of the hacker’s puzzle was “sim swap fraud.” He had already been phished with the hacker having access to his email account, where they learned of his vacation plans over a holiday weekend.

T-Mobile itself had been hacked and lost customers’ PINs. So while the doctor was leaving for his trip, the hacker spammed his email with thousands of emails to conceal a notice from T-Mobile that his sim card had been moved to a new phone and his login password and PIN had been changed. Voila! The hacker now had access to the two-factor identification codes sent by his brokerage account to verify identity. A mere hour or two later when he noticed that he had no cell phone service, it was too late. It was a struggle to even get his accounts frozen because he didn’t have the new passwords and couldn’t verify his identity.

After they were hacked, T-Mobile instituted additional security features, such as the ability to require use of Google Authenticator which requires your physical phone, not the sim card. I’ve changed my password, security questions, etc. and require two separate validations for access to that account. Short of a DNA test, they probably will never allow me access to my account.

Thanks, Cari, for indulging me in this PSA.—48-14

It really sucks but the way technology, and the sometimes sophistication of these criminal enterprises, is going, I think most of us should expect to be scammed like this in some way, shape, or form over the course of our lifetimes.

Hopefully few fall for the Nigerian prince nowadays, but it’s often not that simple and easy to spot nowadays, and scammers are so innovative. By the time we’re onto them, they’ve moved onto the next scam; it’s sad, but something we’ll all have to be hyper vigilant about forever.

How do you join other sb nation sites now? I tried to join northwestern’s and I’m not smart, so I couldn’t figure it out.—swift_retribution

I don’t think you have to officially “join” other sites anymore. Perhaps it’s my mod powers, but I went to a site I know I never joined ( and I didn’t have to click to join; I could have entered a comment immediately, without joining.

If you don’t have that option, check to make sure you’re logged into your SBN account at the top; I’ve noticed that now, more than ever, the platform logs you out even if you have other logged-in windows open.

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