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SWH is Avoiding a CATA Bus

Cael, James, and what freshmen must do before graduating.

Big Ten Championship Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Before we look ahead to Northwestern, let’s take one final look back at last weekend, courtesy of our friends at BHGP

“Penn State is much better than Iowa.” I agree, fellas. Like they say at the end of the piece, Iowa can conceivably get to the Big Ten title game and potentially face Penn State again (Pessimist Lando will never believe that is attainable for the Nittany Lions until after November 11th).

Speaking of reaching Indy, Sports Illustrated thinks Mike Yurcich is the key.

You know if you read Bennett’s weekly press conference recap that James is unhappy with the lack of explosive plays (as are we all), so it’s interesting to see the other side of the argument-keeping the ball away from the physical Wolverines and quick-strike Buckeyes may be successful.

Will Beau become the next Tommy Stevens/Will Levis in Yurcich’s offense?

Let’s hope he doesn’t follow their path exactly re: transferring...

In publication-jinx news, we all know the offense hasn’t committed a turnover yet.

Just get it out of the way this weekend. It would be really annoying for the announcers to mention it against Ohio State or Michigan and then have a blunder occur, causing them to repeat how it’s their first giveaway of the year over, and over, and over. As the competition gets tougher, it becomes unlikely they will make it through the season unscathed, but let’s all hope for good decisions!

ICYMI, the Nittany Lion wrestling team landed yet another top recruit.

Cael is the best Penn State coach of the last 15 years. There, I said it. I love Russ, and you certainly have to give props to Erica Dambach and fencing’s Wes Glon, but my bald brother’s dominance is unparalleled. (Russ is second).

In non-sports news, Onward State lists the things students do to officially become Penn Staters.

I actually did get hit by a CATA bus-it was only on the side of my arm, but it still counts.

Finally, back to football for some predictions on Saturday’s contest.

Tune in Friday for the weekly BSD predictions!