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Snap Counts: West Virginia

Kalen King and JB Nelson led the way with 57 snaps each

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

50 Nittany Lions played at least one snap of Saturday’s 38-15 win over West Virginia.

My method for Snap Counts is simple: a play has to be run to be counted as a snap. Pre-snap penalties and timeouts called before a play are NOT counted as snaps.

Offense (65 snaps):

Drew Allar — 56
Beau Pribula — 9

Nick Singleton — 31
Kaytron Allen — 31
Trey Potts — 9

KeAndre Lambert-Smith — 44
Harrison Wallace III — 38
Liam Clifford — 27
Malik McClain — 24
Dante Cephas — 10
Kaden Saunders — 9
Malick Meiga — 9

Tyler Warren — 41
Theo Johnson — 40
Khalil Dinkins — 12

JB Nelson — 57
Hunter Nourzad — 56
Olu Fashanu — 51
Caedan Wallace — 48
Sal Wormley — 45
Vega Ioane — 28
Drew Shelton — 22
Nick Dawkins — 9
Dominic Rulli — 9

Defense (68 snaps):

Chop Robinson — 44
Dani Dennis-Sutton — 40
Adisa Isaac — 27
Zuriah Fisher — 24
Jameial Lyons — 1

Hakeem Beamon — 43
Zane Durant — 32
D’Von Ellies — 28
Jordan van den Berg — 23

Curtis Jacobs — 49
Abdul Carter — 47
Kobe King — 29
Dominic DeLuca — 29
Tyler Elsdon — 19
Keon Wylie — 11
Tony Rojas — 10

Kalen King — 57
Johnny Dixon — 45
Cam Miller — 32
Zion Tracy — 11
Elliot Washington — 1

Jaylen Reed — 45
Kevin Winston Jr — 34
Keaton Ellis — 34
Zakee Wheatley — 32
King Mack — 1


  • After looking at the drive chart, the key position on defense was the linebackers. On WVU’s only touchdown drive against the starting unit, Kobe King was absent for the entire drive and Curtis Jacobs only played 3 of the 9 snaps. None of the starting LBs played on WVU’s other scoring drive.
  • The rotation at safety was not a great surprise. Reed, Winston, Ellis, and Wheatley were all in tight competition for the two starting safety positions. Without a true standout like Ji’Ayir Brown and Jaquan Brisker, I don’t think it’s going to matter who the starters are- they are all going to get time.
  • I liked seeing Cam Miller have 32 snaps in the game. Some of those were in garbage time, but he did see quality snaps. Every time Diaz used a dime defensive formation (normally on 3rd down passing situations), Miller was on the field. Penn State’s starting cornerbacks are two of the nation’s best, but depth is needed. Hopefully DaeQuan Hardy will be back soon!
  • The offensive line featured the Fashanu-Nelson-Nourzad-Wormley-Wallace alignment on every snap of 6 drives, including three touchdown drives. Vega Iaone and Drew Shelton looked very solid in the limited time they had. I would not be surprised to see either of those two in a starting role in the coming weeks. Continuity is important on the offensive line, but so is depth.
  • Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen had pretty much equal playing time. I remember several plays featuring both of them at the same time that were NOT in the Wing T formation, which looks like a new wrinkle from last season.
  • Wide receiver by committee worked very well. Lambert-Smith, Wallace, McClain, and Clifford all had at least 24 snaps. Dante Cephas also had a nice catch in the third quarter. When Omari Evans returns from injury, that makes six quality options (at least) for Allar.