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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Penn State vs. Delaware

Time to keep the good vibes rolling in Beaver Stadium

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports


A sleepy noon kick will lead to a somewhat slow start for Penn State, but Drew Allar and the offense will still flash in an easy win. Along with Singleton and Allen, I’m going to predict Minnesota transfer (and Williamsport native!) Trey Potts to get into the end zone for his first touchdown as a Nittany Lion. Manny Diaz’s defense will also show off against an inferior opponent, outside of a garbage time score from Joe Flacco’s “elite” alma mater.

Penn State 59, Delaware 7


This should be a game for a lot of second and third-teamers to get a lot of run. Drew Allar plays the first half, before giving way to Beau Pribula, while Singleton and Allen each go over 100 yards. Defensively, the Nittany Lions force their first turnover of the season, and collect at least three sacks. There’s just not enough Fight in these Blue Hens.

Penn State 45, Delaware 10


On the one hand, I’d like to think that PSU has another game in them a la Idaho and can win something like 77-0. On the other hand, Delaware is better than Idaho, and I don’t know that Franklin revels in running the score up THAT much. I think the Lions win fairly handily, and the backups get to run things from the middle of the third quarter.

Penn State 56, Delaware 14


The energy in Beaver Stadium will be half of what it was last week. I think that leads to a slow start, especially offensively. Talent wins out, but not in the “every drive is dominant” kind of way that we might be looking to celebrate. I do think the defensive line comes up with a few tackles for loss and either Singleton or Allen breaks a long touchdown run to calm those nerves. By the fourth quarter, it’s a lot of backups.

Penn State 48, Delaware 10


This game is about padding Drew Allar’s stats for his Heisman campaign. I want four passing touchdowns before the half, please. And then, give me Beau Pribula doing his best Trace McSorley impression for the second half as tears stream down my face.

Penn State 55, Delaware 0


There’s not much to say about this game. Penn State is going to pad the stats and kickstart some parts of its game that didn’t get off to a hot start last week — i.e. the running game and special teams. I think we’ll see a lot of guys get in the end zone.

Penn State 52, Delaware 13


This should be a stat-padding game. It’s hard to not see Allar, Singleton, and Allen going wild in the first half before giving the backups a chance to shine. I am hoping to see more explosive plays in the running game and improved passing protection. The defense should have a fairly easy day, but they will need to tighten up the running defense.

Penn State 63, Delaware 7


The only things I care to see in this game are all key players staying healthy and the starters lighting it up enough to all get pulled no later than mid-third quarter in favor of the backups. Expect Drew Allar to sling it across the yard, not unlike how he did last weekend against West Virginia, which should allow PSU to build a big enough lead early on and hopefully put this one away by halftime.

Penn State 52, Delaware 10


(Originally appearing in the Big Ten Preview)

Penn State looked pretty good against a power 5 opponent a week ago, but they didn’t look perfect. Delaware is the perfect opportunity to work on the pieces that didn’t look great, as they prepare for their big game in a week.

Penn State 56, Delaware 17


(Originally appearing in the Game Preview)

Let’s be clear — this is an early season “warm-up” game for Penn State in between an opener against a Big 12 team and the start of conference play next week at Illinois. No disrespect towards Delaware, who have found success at the FCS level and won a national championship this century. These are just two different types of programs, and should not create a competitive match-up.

My inkling is that Penn State starts off pass-heavy in the first half. This should help Allar and some of the newer receivers to further get on the same page. It should also help the Nittany Lions build a big lead early and get the back-ups in for the second half. I’ll gladly take Allar throwing the ball to Penn State’s fourth-best receiver covered by Delaware’s fourth-best defensive back on the field.

Tre Wallace gets his first touchdown of the season, as Liam Clifford is on the receiving end of one of Allar’s touchdown tosses as well. On defense, Adissa Isaac contributes a pair of sacks and Curtis Jacobs helps put things away with a pick-six.

Lions roll.

Penn State 56, Delaware 7