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SWH is Getting Ready for the NFL Playoffs

As a classmate of his and someone who has evaluated students for 10 years, is Ben Jones qualified to grade people? (KIDDING, I love the guy.)

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COLLEGE BASEBALL: FEB 19 Penn State at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


In recruiting news, the Nittany Lions continue to push for top talent. ($)

On3 hears from a high school coach on two future Penn State defensive backs. ($)

Should fans expect more from James Franklin?

Here’s Ben Jones’ grade on Drew Allar in the 2023 season.

Sports Illustrated looks at the way-too-early Top 25 for next year, and muses about the Blue and White’s CFP fate in the new 12-team playoff. Here is a reminder of next year’s schedule.

What do you think? Is USA Today right to put Penn State at 15, or are you more in line with the general consensus of 10th-13th? Personally, I think if there are any preseason rankings, they shouldn’t be allowed until August-but I also kind of dismiss them in general and think rankings should begin after Week 1. ICYMI, Pat put together a post comparing the various preseason rankings.

Here’s a breakdown of all Penn State alumni in the NFL playoffs. (You can tell by the pictures that some of these players are not active.) Remember to check back every Tuesday morning until after the Super Bowl for our “Nittany Lions in the NFL” weekly roundup.


Cael Sanderson is in a great spot thanks to his new starter at 165.

Will Sanderson’s squad break the NCAA record for team points?

Penn State baseball has announced their 2024 schedule.