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SWH is Hoping to Watch the Third-Best Fleming in the World

Get it, because the first-best one discovered penicillin, and the second one wrote a bunch of James Bond novels.

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Julian Fleming reaction:

What does the Athletic think about the former OSU receiver’s decision to come to his home state?

Speaking of the Buckeyes, Eleven Warriors recaps the situation Fleming is walking into in Happy Valley. CBS Sports has similar thoughts.

Misc. football news:

With yesterday’s news that Dante Cephas will re-enter the portal, Penn State got some good news from D’Von Ellies.

What do we think about the timing of the opt-out announcements (not the opt-outs themselves)?

Penn State basketball:

Planning to watch tonight’s game on Peacock? Here’s what the Lansing State Journal thinks will happen.

ICYMI, here’s the BSD preview of the game.

Finally, here’s a bio of the scientist Fleming. Man, that is a severe stare. The writer Fleming created a very suave spy whose non-bad-guy-related behavior is extremely problematic.

He also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is that kids’ movie about the weird car, right?

I hope that dumb song is in your heads now like it’s in mine!