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Penn State 61, Michigan State 92: Lions Overwhelmed From The Start

Michigan State took a lead early, and it only grew as the game went on.

Penn State Nittany Lions guard Kanye Clary (0) dribbles past Michigan State Spartans guard A.J. Hoggard (11) during the first half at Jack Breslin Student Events Center. Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

This game looked insurmountable from the minute it appeared on the schedule. The only question was how bad it would go. As it turned out, it would be worse than any of us could have imagined. A disastrous night for the Nittany Lions saw Michigan State take an early lead to start, then, slowly but surely, build on it on the backs of Penn State turnovers, coupled with Michigan State’s ability to run the floor efficiently.

In essence, Michigan State did what Penn State wants to do, but 100 times better. The Spartans collected 24 points off the Lions’ 16 turnovers (11 of which came in the first half), and the team simply couldn’t find a rhythm all game long. Meanwhile, everything was going the Spartans’ way, and, sometimes, it’s just that kind of night.

Fewer arenas have been a house or horrors as much as the Breslin Center has been, and, on Thursday night, it was just another chapter on that saga.

Player of the Game

Kanye Clary - 21 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal

Get ready to hear this name a lot. Clary was one of two players in double figures (the other one being Nick Kern with 10 points), and was the only bright spot on a disaster of a night for the Lions. As the Big Ten season unfolds, expect Clary to carry more and more of the load.

Random Observations

Literally unwatchable - Either my internet is shot, or the Peacock stream kept lagging, to the point where you couldn’t string together what the announcers were saying. It’s a shame too, because I happen to like Robbie Hummel.

They showed some fight - Although the Spartans ultimately won by 31, the Lions did close the gap in the second half. For a sliver of a second, you could have believed another Ohio State was in the works.

You know what they say - Sometimes you just gotta burn the tape. This is one of those times.

Looking Ahead

Penn State travels to the Palestra to take on Michigan. The game tips off on Sunday, on the Big Ten Network.