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Meet The 2024 Class: QB Ethan Grunkemeyer

Penn State went into Ohio and, once again, found themselves a Top 100 quarterback.

BSD’s recruiting staff sat down for a roundtable on each prospect Penn State signed in the 2024 class. Coming in at No. 5 was four-star QB Ethan Grunkemeyer.

What makes you excited about Ethan Grunkemeyer?

“Grunkemeyer is very, very accurate. Especially at the second level, where the zip he gets on the ball also shines through. Good footwork as well and he seems to navigate a pocket well. There’s a lot of upside there.” --Clay

What worries you about Ethan Grunkemeyer?

“I wonder if Grunkemeyer is a jack of all trades, master of none. I mean, he’s good at everything. He’s got a strong, accurate arm. He anticipates and sees the field well. Has the footwork and pocket awareness. Good, underrated athlete with adequate size. But there’s no one skill that he’s overwhelming at, which is likely why he settled as a Top 100 prospect and not a five-star.” --Patrick

Do you think Ethan Grunkemeyer will be redshirted next season? Around what point of his career do you think he pushes for meaningful playing time?

“Unless Drew Allar or Beau Pribula transfers before the season starts, Grunk is a lock to redshirt in 2024.” --Ryan

What do you think is the most realistic outcome for Ethan Grunkemeyer: depth provider, rotational/one-year starter, multi-year starter, all-conference, or all-american?

Clay: Multi-year starter
Ryan: Multi-year starter
Patrick: Multi-year starter – whether that’s at Penn State or elsewhere.

Lastly, where do you have Ethan Grunkemeyer ranked in Penn State’s class?

Clay: No. 3
Ryan: No. 4
Patrick: No. 8