Wrestling Intermat Rankings - 2024 Feb 07

This week's Intermat rankings are out, and I'm gonna tell you about them. This is two weeks in a row, so I guess this is a regular thing now. Full rankings as always are available here. Here's where our guys sit:


#1 Matt Ramos Purdue 19-3
#2 ⬆1 Braeden Davis PSU 14-0
#3 ⬆1 Luke Stanich Lehigh 14-1
#4 ⬇2 Eric Barnett Wisconsin 20-3

In my write-up last week suggesting Davis may have hit his ceiling because he doesn't face the top-2, I neglected the fact those two were facing each other. Ramos fended off Barnett with a 4-1 DEC, making room for Davis to claim the #2 spot. Davis has perhaps his biggest test of this stretch with #7 Ayala on Friday, who lost to DeAugustino in tiebreaks.


#1 Ryan Crookham Lehigh 14-0
#2 Vito Arujau Cornell 8-1
#3 Daton Fix Oklahoma St 10-0
#4 Dylan Ragusin Michigan 18-0
#5 ⬆1 Kai Orine NC State 10-2
#6 ⬇1 Aaron Nagao Penn State 8-3
#7 Nasir Bailey Little Rock 20-2
#8 Evan Frost Iowa State 13-3

Nagao's 13-7 loss to now #11 Bouzakis only drops him one spot in the Intermat rankings, but may still land him behind Bouzakis for B1G seedings. A loss to #10 Shawver on Monday likely dooms him to the #4 seed, so let's hope he rebounds well against #20 Schriever Friday and then Shawver.


#1 ⬆1 Beau Bartlett Penn State 14-0
#2 ⬇1 Real Woods Iowa 12-1
#3 Jesse Mendez Ohio State 20-2
#4 Ryan Jack NC State 13-3

Bartlett and Woods switch places ahead of their matchup on Friday following Bartlett knocking of #3 Mendez in SV and Woods getting majored by #10 Lemley. BTN is grateful to be able to keep the #1 v #2 marketing even after the Woods loss.


#1 Ridge Lovett Nebraska 19-0
#2 Caleb Henson VA Tech 22-1
#8 ⬇1 Ty Watters West Virginia 20-3
#9 ⬇1 Kannon Webster Illinois 12-1
#10 ⬆2 Tyler Kasak Penn State 11-1
#11 ⬇2 Dylan D'Emilio Ohio State 18-8
#12 ⬇1 Caleb Rathjen Iowa 13-3

Kasak breaks into the top-10 following his 7-1 DEC over now-#11 D'Emilio, with #12 Rathjen next up and a match-up with #1 looming a week from Sunday.


#1 Levi Haines Penn State 11-0
#2 ⬆1 Vince Zerban N. Colorado 19-0
#3 ⬆1 Jacori Teemer Arizona State 15-3

BTN did not get quite as lucky with this one, as Franek's tiebreak loss to #10 Lewan sent him all the way down to #5. Should still be the toughest matchup of the regular season for Levi.


#1 Keegan O'Toole Mizzou 14-0
#2 David Carr Iowa State 17-1
#5 Dean Hamiti Wisconsin 20-1
#6 Mikey Caliendo Iowa 18-1
#7 Mitchell Mesenbrink Penn State 15-0
#8 Peyton Hall West Virginia 23-5
#9 Caleb Fish Michigan State 19-6

The top-12 at 165 stays identical to last week. Psycho was held to a regular decision for the first time since Thanksgiving and Caliendo looks to be his toughest opponent until B1Gs.


#1 Carter Starocci Penn State 8-0
#2 Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech 9-0
#3 Shane Griffith Michigan 11-1

Carter survived a closer-than-expected match against #11 Welsh. #7 Kennedy awaits this week, but I don't expect that to happen again.


#1 Parker Keckeisen N. Iowa 19-0
#2 Dustin Plott Oklahoma State 21-2
#3 Lenny Pinto Nebraska 16-3
#4 Trey Munoz Oregon State 14-3
#5 ⬆1 Isaiah Salazar Minnesota 15-1
#6 ⬇1 Bernie Truax Penn State 8-2
#7 Chris Foca Cornell 13-3
#8 Will Feldkamp Iowa State 10-5

Truax got caught while up big, but it only cost him one spot (helps that Foca also lost). Probably doesn't matter much for seeding, as he still looks to be stuck on the #4 line if he wins out.


#1 Aaron Brooks Penn State 10-0
#2 Stephen Buchanan Oklahoma 22-0
#3 Trent Hidlay NC State 18-0
#4 Michael Beard Lehigh 19-1

Aaron continued his rampage and pulled slightly ahead of Carter in the Hodge race ( though they'd likely split it).


#1 Greg Kerkvliet Penn State 9-0
#2 Wyatt Hendrickson Air Force 16-0
#3 Yonger Bastida Iowa State 18-0
#4 Cohlton Schultz Arizona State 5-1
#5 Zack Elam Mizzou 18-0

No change here, so here's what I wrote last week: Kerk continues to lead a weight class that still has four undefeateds, but the other three are all in the same conference, so that will sort itself out. Much like last year, Hendrickson is pinning his way through the season, with 12 so far vs only 2 decisions.

Team Tournament Rankings

#1 Penn State 142.5
#2 ⬆7 Michigan 60.0
#3 ⬆2 Oklahoma State 58.5

A lot of volatility this week in the race for 2nd, with Michigan regaining their spot at #2 after the shellacking of Iowa. The gap between PSU and the field widened by 10 more projected points this week, with PSU picking up another 4½ projected points and Michigan coming in a bit short of the total for last week's #2, Iowa. The rest of the top 10 is pretty close though, with only 10 projected points separating Michigan from #10 VA Tech.

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