A possible new old sheriff back in town soon


Happy for Scrap, sad for us (esp. if he takes a few recruits away from us). Not saying he would have been the best guy to succeed Joe, but it's a shame how his career was temporarily derailed.

Mark Emmett concedes it is now time to go after James Franklin


No not really and I was going to make this a Fanpost but saw the Emmert Fanshot and could not resist. It is an article saying the satellite camps are going to the top of the list of things for the oversight committee to look at. Blame Michigan for going to extremes. I hear they will have on in PA. Or Saban because it is apparently the one rule is the SEC Rule book.

Penn State Recruiting Targets Showing off in New Jersey


In the video linked above, you will see Michal Menet (OT), Rashan Gary (DT), Ron Johnson (DE) and Joshua Kaindoh (2017 DE) all in 1 on 1 situations during Rivals' camp in New Jersey this past weekend. All four are big time recruits, and all four are major Penn State targets.

As you can see, Michael Menet is a stud. He not only is able to keep nearly all of his match-ups away from the designated quarterback zone, but he also is able to defeat number one 2016 recruit, Rashan Gary multiple times (even eliciting a little bit of a shove from Gary at the end of one of them). Menet is showing why he is so sought after, and why he is the most important recruit for Penn State in this class. He very recently named his top two of Penn State and Duke, so the Nittany Lions have to feel good about their chances.

Gary also is extremely impressive in the video, as are Johnson and Kaindoh. Gary is still ways away from making a decision, as you would expect from the number one recruit in the country. Johnson is also being recruited by a high number of schools, and is reportedly waiting until December to make a decision. His current top group seems to be Ole Miss, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan (in no order). Kaindoh is a 2017 prospect, but was still one of the most impressive performers at the camp. He'll have the option to play at any school he wants, but names the Nittany Lions as his leader right now.

Posnanski revisits the Paternos


Joe Posnanski has a very well-written piece on the "why" behind the Paternos' lawsuits. Sad that in our society, it's not just the people who are tarred and feathered in the media who have to bear the brunt of public shaming. It's the families and friends, too. And now Joe's grandson can't even enjoy making a play and hearing his name getting called over the PA system, because he's concerned how people will react to his family name. Read the whole thing.

Steve Spurrier sticks up for JoePa


I really used to hate Spurrier but he is making that tougher to maintain as the years go by. The most amazing thing about this link is that as of this posting all the comments are pro-Paterno. Not one delusional troll.

Penn State's NFL franchise


At this point how can you not be a Jags fan? Wiz Jr, Poz, A-Rob, Jared Odrick all on the same team. Also a one time PSU player (K. Fortt) and #bortled

Video: Nick Scott Would Not Go Down On This 51-Yard Touchdown Run


Sure, it's the spring game, and nothing matters all that much, but this 51-yard touchdown run by redshirt freshman running back Nick Scott was the play of the afternoon. If he keeps ripping off 51-yard touchdown runs in which he makes defenses look like fools, he may get a lot of playing time, imo.

LaVar Arrington Has Some Advice for Brandon Bell


The former Linebacker U star has some advice for LB Brandon Bell, who will take the field on Saturday donning the number 11 jersey for the first time. If nothing else, this is a wonderful reminder that LaVar will say and do anything that LaVar wants to say and do.

Trevon Diggs Narrows his List to 12


Big time 2016 wide receiver target, Trevon Diggs (The Avalon School, MD), has narrowed his focus to his top 12 schools. The list is supposedly not in any order.

As you are surely aware, Diggs is the younger brother of former Maryland standout, Stefon Diggs. While Trevon is (barely) rated lower than his older brother was as a recruit, he is still a huge talent and a high priority for Penn State in the 2016 cycle. Fairly recently, he named Alabama as his current leader, but Penn State and Maryland are both believed to be very firmly in the running as well. According to 247Sports, he has visited Penn State six times since March 2014.

Diggs is currently rated as a four star player with a 0.9534 rating (according to 247Sports). He is the 88th ranked player in the country, the fifth ranked athlete overall and the third highest ranked player in the state of Maryland.