Jay Paterno's response to Mike Mauti's disparaging comments in the book "Fourth and Long"


Will be interesting to read the book, and guage reaction. I hope that this does not further divide Penn State fans.

John Bacon's Book


It comes out Sept. 3rd and judging by Onward State's assessment, I'll be buying it. "Bacon saw money and power influencing a game that he loved and studied closely, but he also saw something else. He saw student- athletes at the four programs he embedded himself in upholding the ideals and traditions of college football’s storied past. That motif is most evident in his insider view of a post-sanction Penn State football program. Fourth and Long is a must read for college football fans and Penn Staters alike."

Two more promos for Penn State Training Days


First clip is about the QB battle. Then 2nd one I'll put in the comments is the first day in pads. OB makes miked-up on the field comment about the QBs in the 2nd one that makes me a little giddy - "These guys can sling the ball, man."

Proof that the NCAA (and especially Mark Emmert) hates America.


By not allowing this American veteran and hero participate is an act of communism and potentially terrorism. Mark Emmert should be tried for war crimes and hanged by his scrotum.

ESPN Video - PSU Training Days: Overcoming Adversity


Get a blanket because those are chills going up your spine.

Promo for ESPN "Training Days - Penn State"


Really curious to see: 1) How it's presented and 2) What effect, if any, it has on some people's opinions on the sanctions.

How Penn State Football Survived


Wow. Just wow. Mauti and Zordich should never have to buy a drink in Pennsylvania again. Ever.

BO'B tips his hand to starting QB


"And the thing about it, too, just so everyone's clear here: Whatever I do here, whoever I name as a starter, the next guy quite obviously has to be ready and more than likely will play this year." After repeatedly stating he does not use two QB's, this can only mean one thing- Fergie is starting in the Meadowlands

Picked up a DB transfer from Bucknell


Kid had decent stats at Bucknell. Who knows how he'll do with us.