Big Ten approves new divisions, nine league games


It's official. I'm looking forward to being able to catch more games - specifically when PSU goes to MD or Rutgers. GJ Big 10.

McMoxie remains UDFA


Wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying... Planning, and dreaming each night of the Pros....

Mike Farrell UDFA to the Steelers


Give 'em hell Mike and kick the snot out of Mike Golic, Jr. send him to Cleveland where he belongs.

Mauti to Minnesota!!!!


Mike gets drafted number 7 in round 7. Go, Vikes!!

Pee-Wee & Midget Football Camps at PSU


Scouting recruits for the class of 2024.

Jordan Hill to Seattle.


Round 3, pick 25. (There is probably better coverage than the link I'm providing. Go for it!)

Lock Haven gets a new AD and he's one of Joe Paterno's former players.


Mark Sherburne, Penn State '86, is the new athletic director at Lock Haven. Now maybe the football team will get some support. For years the mens' sports at LHU have languished under the guidance of a female athletic director who according to some didn't support the mens' programs.