Anyone up for some College pick'em this year


Anyone up for some College pick'em this year

Mike didn't know if you were planning on running on or not.

2008 Rule Changes


I found this and thought everyone might want to see all the new rule changes.

Can't Miss Programming!


This is what we pay the Big Ten Tax for, people. There are plenty of DVR worthy items on the BTN over the next couple of days: Tuesday, August 19 4 p.m. The Big Ten’s Greatest Games: 1994 – Penn State @ Illinois [Football] 6 p.m. Big Ten Tonight: Penn State Year in Review Thursday, August 21 7 p.m. The Big Ten’s Greatest Games: 2001 – Ohio State @ Penn State [Football] 9 p.m. Big Ten Tonight: Penn State Nittany Lions Football Practice

Pat Devlin Extras


Devlin's high school coach, Mike Matta, had a few stories to illustrate what kind of leader Devlin is. For instance, one day as he was nursing a separated shoulder he injured early in his senior year, Devlin saw his coach coming off the field with the team. Matta had told the kids to stop practicing because they were being particularly sloppy and lazy. Devlin saw this and "told them, ‘Turn around and go back on the field. We’re getting this right,’" Matta recalled. "And he didn’t yell or curse. The just followed. And he then ran practice."

Tony hunt


Tony hunt just had a great game 79 yards 1 td. Most damage comming on a 51 td run where he broke 2 tackles.

Why does USC stink? Or why did they stink in 1992...


Just goes to show that times change. Of course that 3-8 team actually beat Penn State.

Buckeyes' flops start Big Ten bashing


I'll cut directly to my complaint. Buckeyes return 20 starters and once again are overwhelming favorites to win their fourth consecutive Big Ten title As I have said for years with respect to the supposed co-championsip of 2005, I'll buy a 2005 Big Ten champions hat for any Ohio State fan that wants to wear one. What a chunk of crap.