NPR's Diane Rehm show does a segment on protecting children


If one good thing can come from this entire mess, it would be that more children/families feel comfortable speaking out. As a society, we tend to pretend things like this don't or can't happen--and that isn't the case

Me, every time I read something new about the trial.


Me, every time I read something new about the trial.

The resemblance really is striking...


The resemblance really is striking...

Schulz's secret Sandusky file


Is this why interim AD Sherbourne was fired? Why Spanier is suing PSU for emails?

Spanier charges?


Lots of speculation, not much meat, and try to avoid the comments, as usual.

Fall Weddings!


Since this has been a topic of discussion here, thought you would enjoy this.

Wait, What? Silas Redd is 6th Best Running Back in the Big Ten


This is another of Deinert's sad, BTN Rankings. The guy is clearly delusional, but this takes the cake. Ohio State ranks 4th on this little nugget: Yes, Dan "Boom" Herron is gone, but the Buckeyes still have a nice collection of backs. New Ohio State coach Urban Meyer plans to dispatch Jordan Hall like he did Percy Harvin at Florida, using him in a variety of fashions. Hall had 408 yards rushing in 2011 with 12 catches. I thought we were talking about running backs?!

David Jones Goes on the Record - McGloin Will Improve


I believe Jones is drunk in this video. He goes on record saying that McGloin will improve as a QB this year. And, he believes its our best year for PSU to win our division...