University of Mexico? Did any of you know this?


My word. I like the point made that divisions weren't made until '78, but I never took the time to look at Samford's schedule....

MockingTheDraft Mocks the Draft


Has Maybin to the Texans at #15 and DWheels at #61 overall to the Colts.

Storming the Floor


This was already discussed extensively, but I thought the timing of this was interesting nonetheless.

Vote Beaver Stadium as the Best (we're down to the top 4)


It's down to the final 4 now, and we're up against Texas A&M. The other two are LSU Nebraska...

Florida Gators Football Building


Check out Florida's football building. It is a very nice facility. If you scroll down to the 4th photo, it lists the fastest 40 times on the team...pretty impressive way we could ever compete with Sssssss eeeeeeeeeeeeee cccccccccccc speed! They really love to highlight how many players they have put into the NFL and how many were first round picks. I know we have something very similar, but i think you should focus on the tradition of the college, not that the school is a pro football factor. Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll are one in the same.

We're Not Dead Yet


Joe Lunardi still has us in on his Bracketology, but we're hanging by a thread. We don't need any crazy cinderella runs in the other conference tournaments, and obviously a win or two in the Big Ten tournament would help a great deal. He also has Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, and Minnesota all in the tournament. I think it's a bit crazy to say the Big Ten is going to get eight teams in this year.

Not My Fault, I Swear


Crispin and Cream defends himself for almost killing Talor Battle while rushing the court. Great read.

Bowden's Hope For 'The Record', Dashed By The NCAA? [Updated Answer: Yes.]


Press conference at 3pm, we will update accordingly. Speculation from The St. Pete Times, as dictated by Tomahawk Nation: The St. Pete Times has taken a swing at what they believe will be the penalties: [...] -Forfeits in wins for various sports, including FSU Football from the 2007 season. This is only a good thing for those of us who believe this program cannot fully recover until all the old blood is drawn. The NCAA may be doing us a favor, applying this leach, then. Update: That should do it then. I'm unclear exactly who played in how many games, but it looks like at least the majority of wins from 2006 and 2007 will be removed from the count, reducing Bowden's win total by up to 14 games. From the release, emphasis added: Vacation of all wins in which the 61 student-athletes in the sports of football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's track, men's golf, baseball and softball competed while ineligible during 2006 and 2007. This includes regular season contests, postseason contests and any NCAA championship competition. The individual records of the student-athletes shall be vacated as well. Further, the institution's records regarding all of the involved sports, as well as the records of the head coaches of those sports will reflect the vacated records and will be recorded in all publications in which these records are reported, including, but not limited to, institution media guides, recruiting material, electronic and digital media plus institution and NCAA archives. Any public reference to tournament performances won during this time shall be removed, including, but not limited to, athletics department stationery and banners displayed in public areas such as the venues in which the specified teams compete.