FTB Film Study - Manny Diaz Defense


See Link. Dove into Diaz's 2018 Miami film, his last as DC at Miami and the year the Hurricanes lead the country in TFLs and 3rd Down Defense despite having a terrible offense (think they finished 7-6 that year). Lot of similarities between when Diaz does and what Pry does/did at Penn State. Major difference we notice was how much more complex Diaz's pressure looks are then Pry and how he asks his DTs to do a lot more than what Pry asked for on blitzes. Much harder for QB's (Kenny Pickett in this case) to figure out who is coming and who is dropping and far less of the safeties blitzing from another zip code with no shot of getting home. For context, Miami had 6 sacks and 14 TFLs in this Pitt game we scouted.

FTB Film Study - Christian Veilleux Debut


Hey, that rhymes! See Link. Anyway, the thing that stood out to me last week was Veilleux's willingness to throw up 50/50 balls and trusting his guy to out-athelete the guy in red. For as well as Clifford played pre-injury (and even post-injury at Ohio State) it felt like he was hesitant to take chances downfield because he was (is) so considered with correcting his lopsided TD-INT ratio from last year. Think about it...other than the deep shot to KLS in the Wisconsin game, can you recall many deep balls that Clifford threw where his receiver wasn't wide open? In everything I read about Yurcich's offense in the offseason, it said that his QBs always had the green light to throw McSorley-esque "jumpballs" and we didn't see a lot of that this season from Clifford...but we did with Veilleux on Saturday.

FTB Film Study -- 4th Quarter vs. Michigan


We didn't get to this until late so we didn't get a chance to follow up on his line saying he "didn't think CSB was the first read" on the 4th and 2. I assume he thinks Washington was the first read, but IDK for sure. If anyone has more perspective on this play lay it on us. In our Auburn film study we showcased a similar 'banjo beater' concept that was successful with Dotson and Washington...and that ball went to the inside slant after the two receivers touched, faked like they were crossing then split. So perhaps that was the idea here.

Film Study - OT Miscues


For those who feel like they haven't suffered enough...godspeed.

Dincher's Auto Body is ready to repair your deer damaged vehicles.


News from North Central Pennsylvania is tough to top, especially when it's a cousins' business.

Film Study - Clifford/Roberson vs. Iowa


Four days later, and I still can't figure out the proper coach vs. player blame ratio attached to Roberson's performance. He didn't look prepared at all...but at the same time, the scheme provided open throws that he simply couldn't hit. So IDK...but these are always a good watch, so here you go.

Film Study - What's Wrong with PSU' Run Game?


Four-letter answer: A lot Ten-minute answer: Watch video

Film Study: Clifford vs. Auburn


After watching this video, I think the aspect of Clifford's development that isn't getting talked about enough is his growth not from 2020 to 2021 (because that's fairly obvious) but his growth from Week 1 to Week 3. Other than one WTH throw on a rollout vs. Auburn where he missed Dotson by like 6 yards, I felt Clifford was incredibly accurate on Saturday...much more accurate than he was in Madison. I just wonder how much further there is left to go before Yurcich hits Clifford's true ceiling as far as potential. No, he didn't hit any deep balls vs. Auburn but he fit a decent amount of passes between defenders and through limited windows.