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Josh Hart To Villanova

While it had been rumored for weeks and even leaked before his formal announcement, Josh Hart is off to Villanova choosing the Wildcats over Penn State and Rutgers. It's a disappointment for Pat Chambers and his staff who worked hard for his services, but Hart didn't even fill a position of need on the current roster.

PSU still has one scholarship available, and they have options. One thing is for certain - there will be a point guard in the 2013 class. They've had offers out to DJ Bowles and Graham Woodward well before Hart's decision. What could be in play is another wing if the staff expects a scholarship to open up after this year. Even if PSU doesn't fill this scholarship in the fall period, many players will become available come Spring from transfers to grad transfers, to reclassifications to decommitments.

Long way to go until the 2013 class is finished.