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Josh Hart Announcing Decision Tomorrow at 4PM

Four-star small forward Josh Hart is set to make his college decision official tomorrow afternoon. It will be the end of a recruitment that PSU has been after for over a year. Hart actually made his first unofficial to PSU about a year ago.

With just three schools left, PSU has given themselves a good chance for the heralded prospect, but many believe Villanova is likely the call. Hard to know for sure though, as Hart's quotes have been far from consistent. Just this week, Zagblogs' recent Hart update claimed Villanova was the only school to not negatively recruit Hart in the process. But just a few days earlier, Hart told the National Recruiting Spotlight that Penn State 'hadn't really either'.

We do know Hart loves PSU's campus and the PSU coaching staff, but will that ultimately sway his decision to the Blue and White? There's some tangential factors favoring Nova and Rutgers...

Tune in tomorrow afternoon for his announcement.