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Julian Moore Wraps Up the Early Signing Period

The last remaining signature for the Penn State 2013 class has been confirmed. Julian Moore, the big man out of the Philadelphia area, also signed his Letter of Intent today to Penn State. Andrew Dzurita confirmed the news that Moore posted on his Facebook.

The 6'9" big man also was an important recruit for a program that was losing some of its momentum. In July, the negative publicity from the sanctions really impacted the basketball staff as they were out on the road. Then Brandon Austin decommitted and it went from bad to worse. But in that same week, Moore was comfortable with the school, program, and education to pull the trigger.

The question now is, how did Geno plan on delivering his NLI? Judging by Chambers' tweets, the school has received Woodward's, Banks', and Moore's. Thorpe signed his this morning, but PSU obviously hasn't received it yet. Did he really UPS it as this instagram photo suggests? Or is the program too preoccupied with the big game tomorrow in Puerto Rico to worry about the release just yet?

Regardless, all letters have been signed, so this very important recruiting class is official. We might just have to wait a little while for the confirmation on PSU's end, but in the meantime, welcome to Penn State, boys.