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So Far, Penn State-Pitt is the Hottest Ticket of the Year for PSU

Even the Ohio State game can't match it.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

If you plan to take in the big Penn State Nittany Lions - Pittsburgh Panthers matchup on Sept. 10, be prepared to reach a little deeper into your pockets.

A report from says the PItt game is drawing the highest ticket prices on average of the entire 2016 season, even outpacing the Ohio State matchup on Oct. 22.

Here's the full breakdown from the site, using the cheapest available ticket on StubHub as a benchmark:

March/June Ticket prices: *home games

*Kent State: $49-$33

Pitt: $154-$159

*Temple: $60-$57

Michigan: $140-$111

*Minnesota: $65-$45

*Maryland: $75-$63

*Ohio State: $150-$130

Purdue: $30-$28

*Iowa: $75-$60

Indiana: $83-$46

Rutgers: $100-$86

*Michigan State: $65-$55

Interestingly, prices have dropped since March, so maybe it's a good idea to wait a while if $159 is a little high for your wallet. Of course, the prices will definitely start to fluctuate for late-season contests based on how PSU performs early on.