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Joey Julius Is No Longer With Penn State Football

The fan favorite kicker may have made his last kick for the Nittany Lions.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Julius became something of a legend over the past two years both for the unique size he brought to the kicker position and for the way he leveled opposing kick returners. Last October, Julius revealed he was battling an eating disorder that kept him out of summer workouts, but he was able to continue as Penn State’s kickoff specialist for the 2016 campaign.

Now it seems that the affectionately nicknamed Big Toe will be taking some time away from football. Bob Flounders of Penn Live reported on Monday that Julius is no longer with the football team.

Although Julius was replaced on field goal duty by Tyler Davis in 2016, he remained a valuable member of the team due to his ability to boot the ball through the end zone on kickoffs and punish opposing special teams players when there was a return. In fact, Julius was such a solid tackler that his hits are some of our favorite plays from last season.

Julius totaled three tackles last year on 93 kickoffs, with 45 of them going for touchbacks. We wish him all the best in his fight against his eating disorder and in his future endeavors.