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Three Key Takeaways: Michigan Cruises by Penn State 42-7

That probably couldn’t have gone much worse...

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s not beat around the bush, nobody wants to relive this game.


Nobody is going to want to talk about the game. Penn State got outplayed in all facets throughout Saturday’s game and it showed on the scoreboard.

So we’ll try to make this short and sweet and maybe even have a civilized conversation in the comments?!

The first-half defense was strong

Penn State’s first-half defense in all reality played well enough to win. They were on the field for what felt like the entirety of the half but still managed to keep it a 14-0 game. The offense simply couldn’t get anything going for the most part and the few chances they had were squandered. The defense was strong and rather impressive, all things considered. The second half was totally different as it seemed once Tommy Stevens threw his pick-six, the defense seemed either gassed or completely out of it emotionally. But in the end, the defense gave the team a chance to be in the game in the first half and the offense just couldn’t capitalize.

Pathetic offensive performance

This could be an overreaction, but if Penn State had a game plan for Michigan, it seemingly was nowhere to be found because the offense was pathetic from start to finish. Remember when the offensive line was supposed to be a strength? Well completely forget that. It was obvious in the first half that Trace McSorley was not healthy enough to give them a chance to win and while Tommy Stevens didn’t play tremendously when he was in the game, the coaching staff probably should’ve given Stevens a chance earlier. But when you put up just 7 points it doesn’t matter. All in all, it may have been the worst offensive performance I’ve seen in a long time.

Not a good look...

This takeaway pertains to two major points.

First, Penn State had one job today besides winning. If it didn’t win, at least play well enough that you don’t get completely blown out. Welp. The Nittany Lions got blown and while it was 42-7, it truly feels like a 58-0 type loss. It’s not a good look plain and simple for Penn State.

It won’t be a loss that helps on the recruiting trail (won’t kill them either) and in ways it’s an embarrassing loss that everyone inside the locker room should be embarrassed about. It’s okay to lose, but I know I’m not the only one who saw a team that looked like it laid down once the game went to 28-0.

The second portion of this is the fact that Penn State now lost to the other “Big Three” in the Big Ten East this season, the third time in the James Franklin era that the program has done so. So prepare to hear that fact go around the next few months.

Have a good night readers and have a good Sunday. The future is still bright in State College but there’s a lot of work to be done and decisions to be made.