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National Signing Day 2015: Big Ten West Division Podcast

More Big Ten Recruiting fun!

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome Big Ten fans! As you know, all of our Big Ten blogs do an absolutely fantastic job of covering National Signing Day. One thing that we could stand to do more of, though, is covering the recruiting classes of our biggest rivals and our future foes. To be true B1G fans, we need to know everything there is to know about ALL of our Big Ten brethren. To help with those efforts, we've decided to give you all a very special treat. Myself and some honored guests will be getting together tonight, to talk about our own teams' recruiting classes, and how we view the rest of the Big Ten! This evening, I will be joined by Jake Kocorowski from Bucky's 5th Quarter (Wisconsin), Adam Jacobi from Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa) and Brian Towle from Corn Nation (Nebraska).

Join us, as we give everyone an overview of our own teams' classes, our thoughts on who will be the breakout stars for years to come, and some thoughts on our favorite players/teams in the Big Ten other than our own. We go live at 9:30 PM (ET) tonight (2/5/14). Leave questions in the comments section, and we will try to get to them if we have time!