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2018 DB Says Penn State was his "Dream School" Growing Up

"Then when I visited there, it felt like home."

The D Zone/Twitter

DeAndre Square is a rising junior with just two offers under his belt, but he definitely sounds like he'd be interested if the Penn State Nittany Lions came calling.

The Detroit product is a 6-1, 200-pound defensive back with offers from Michigan State and Kentucky. Penn State is also interested, according to 247Sports, as is Wisconsin. Square visited State College back in March, and hopes to also camp at Ohio State, Pitt, West Virginia and Wisconsin this summer, so there is plenty of interest despite the relatively short offer list.

Anyway, Square was asked about PSU during an interview with 247, and had great things to say about the school:

"My dream school growing up was Penn State," Square said. "Ever since I've seen them I've liked them. Then when I visited there, it felt like home."

He doesn't have a star ranking yet, but much will change as his junior season progresses.

Check out Square's 2015 highlights here: